At Danny’s Construction Company we are excited by the challenge of erecting complex structures. We believe that all successful complex projects are collaborative and therefore rely upon the knowledge and expertise of our project team to deliver our promise of Integrity and Excellence


Intensive Pre-Planning


Steel Erection




Specialty Jacking/Shoring

Managing Your Complex Project From Beginning To End.

Our commitment to quality ensures that your project will be handled professionally.

Intensive Pre-Planning


Our project teams work together from inception, and we have an extensive pre-planning stage to mitigate risks and determine potential challenges before they occur. The combined experience of our site supervisors, engineers, and project managers allows us to avoid potential scheduling and coordination conflicts, as well as affording us the time to make necessary changes to each project. We understand the importance of maximizing efficiency by adapting to the changing logistics of each project. The continuous review and modification of the safety and access plans, sequencing and deliveries, and crane placements benefits not only Danny’s Construction Company, but all trades and the project.

We welcome the new challenges of each project and acknowledge that the skills brought by all our specialized professionals are critical to the success of our work.

Collaborative Engineering & Meticulous Management

Great structural engineering requires expertise and a focus on collaboration. Our in-house engineering allows us to integrate difficult site conditions with strategic crane placements.

In the planning of each job, we utilize 3D modeling software to create unique and custom erection concepts and plans. Once developed, we create an erection sequence to maximize efficiency and perform a stage analysis to vet any potential challenges. Throughout the duration of a project we rely on this model and sequencing to customize rigging and hoisting plans used in performing critical lifts.

Great planning requires meticulous implementation. Our site supervision and project managers understand the site logistics and have the intimate knowledge of the many intricacies of the on-site activities. The combined efforts of our engineering and field management to ensure that the plan is executed properly is the true success story of each project.

Your project is built upon our past successes and innovations.

Steel Erection

Structural & Miscellaneous Steel

Danny’s Construction Company is a leader in the steel erection industry because we recognize and embrace the uniqueness of each project and strive to provide innovative and creative methods for erecting structures of varied sizes, functions, locations and difficulty. The successful construction of any building, bridge or arena is only as strong as the erection plan and its execution, and we work tirelessly to offer solutions to the structural challenges presented on each job site.

Ornamental & Architectural Steel

Danny’s Construction Company has the expertise to install high tolerance and visually demanding products as well.

Examples of our ornamental work:


Rehabilitation and Retrofits

Danny’s Construction Company has an extensive resume of successful bridge rehabilitation and commercial retrofit projects. These projects generally require a great deal of access planning and means and methods engineering. Because many of the structures we work on are historically significant, the incorporation of any temporary works or access must be strategically designed and located to not infringe on the historical elements of the project.

Bridge Rehabilitation Services        

  • Structural repairs and strengthening
  • Installation and tensioning of high strength bars          
  • Member replacement
  • Bearing replacement  
  • Counterweight rope replacement and lift span balancing
  • Pin & hanger replacement  

Specialty Jacking/Shoring

Engineered Specialty Services

Danny’s Construction Company offers the engineering and equipment to complete a project regardless of the logistical constraints. We have experience in stick building in place on shoring, critical lifts of modularized segments, truss float-ins and skidding, counterweighted jacking systems, overhead jacking and suspension systems, and counterweighted launching.

Our advanced engineering and creative solutions to complex problems are something that sets us apart from our leading competition.

Examples of our specialty work:


From single girder support to long span roofs to complete truss support, Danny’s Construction Company has a wide range of shoring solutions. We’ve designed and built many shoring systems that can be adapted to various project needs. We offer engineered solutions, complete shoring and jacking systems, and installation services for temporary shoring and falsework.

Shoring Tower Systems     

  • 4′ x 4′ single tower – 190 kip capacity at 80′ without lateral bracing
    System can be ganged together in 2-tower and 4-tower configurations
  • 5′ x 5′ single telescoping tower – 250 kip capacity at 26′ with lateral bracing
  • 8′-6″ x 8′-6″ single tower – 500 kip per leg capacity
  • Pipe column system, multiple configurations possible – 1,000 kip per leg capacity

Adaptable to your Project Needs

  • Counterweighted frame, concrete mat, and soil anchor foundation options
  • Many grillage and jacking beam options available
  • Jacking heads with capacities up to 2,000 tons available
  • Shoring systems can accommodate personnel and material hoists
  • Full engineering support
  • Custom analysis and solutions
  • In-house detailing and fabrication

Examples of our shoring work: