Commercial & Healthcare

Sanford Fargo Medical Center

We have an extensive resume of successful commercial and medical facilities.  In fact, a large part of our steel erection history is focused in this sector.

American Airlines Hangar II Replacement Project

Location: Chicago, IL
Owner: American Airlines
Client: LeJeune Steel Company
W.E. O’Neil Construction Company

Project Details

For the construction of a new hangar for American Airlines at O’Hare International Airport,  DCCI installed 6,300 Tons of structural steel for a large roof over a 131,500 square ft footprint, including 2 door trusses (45 ft deep, 528 ft span) erected on 8 shoring towers, and 11 infill trusses (21 ft deep, 249 ft span) assembled on site in 2 pieces and erected with 2 cranes and spliced mid-air.  The completed 4,600 Ton roof was then jacked down utilizing 16 large jacks and the shoring towers were removed.  Significant challenges of this project included active airplane taxiways adjacent to the site, restricted access for labor, equipment, and deliveries, and limited crane boom length due to FAA restrictions.

West Hollywood Park Aquatic and Recreation Center

Location: West Hollywood, CA
Owner: City of West Hollywood
Sinanian Development, Inc.

Project Details

This complex and interesting structure is tucked away in West Hollywood’s design district near some of the country’s most popular bars and clubs. It features two rooftop swimming pools that are built over top of a multi-sport court as well as meeting rooms, conference rooms and a grand feature stair which connects to the redeveloped park. A massive multidirectional steel truss system supports the pools that are suspended above the large open space of the court area which required an enormous amount of welding to complete. Danny’s conquered logistical challenges by assembling cranes, unloading trucks and erecting steel in extremely tight spaces. This was a closely coordinated effort with ADF and Sinanian Development, Inc that required precise sequencing with steel deliveries and concrete work to successfully complete the project.

Thrivent Financial Corporate Center

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Owner: Thrivent Financial
Client: McGough Construction
McGough Construction

Project Details

The new $125 Million, 264,000 sf facility in downtown Minneapolis is now the new home to Thrivent Financial’s Minneapolis Headquarters. Located at 600 S Portland Ave., the headquarters is an 8-story office building with an elaborate steel staircase, architectural steel awning, and suspended walkway. The headquarters is connected to the downtown indoor walkways with a new skyway bridge. In total Danny’s erected 1800+ tons of structural steel and metal decking.

Sanford Fargo Medical Center

Location: Fargo, ND
Owner: Sanford Medical
Client: LeJeune Steel Company & TrueNorth Steel
Contractor: Mortenson Construction

Project Details

Danny’s Construction Company erected nearly 9,000 tons of structural steel at the new Sanford Fargo Medical Center and Central Energy Plant in Fargo, ND. The 11 story, 1 million square foot facility is the largest medical center in North Dakota, servicing North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

As part of the design, HKS engineering employed the services of SidePlate to assist in the design of the rigid brace frames that were prominent throughout the structure. The SidePlate system is utilized to eliminate CJP welding, subsequently eliminating the need for UT inspections, and reduces the overall tonnage of the project. It is believed that the use of the SidePlate system on this project reduced the total tonnage of the project by nearly 600 tons as well as replaced nearly 1,000 beam and girder[1]  CJP welds with much simpler and less time-consuming fillet welds.

Our Ironworker Local 512C crew members are applauded for having worked through incredibly inclement conditions. We are pleased to have had a successful project with our partners: Lejeune Steel Company, True North Steel, and Mortenson Construction.

Children's Hospital

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Owner: Children’s Hospital and Clinics
Client & Contractor: Knutson Construction


Project Details

Children’s Hospital is a 5-level structural steel building with a pedestrian walkway link to the existing hospital. Danny’s Construction Company erected the 600 tons over a 5-month period while sharing use of the provided tower cranes. Pre-Planning our work activities was essential due to the cramped site and concrete pour schedule.

Prentice Women’s Hospital

Location: Chicago, IL
Owner: Northwest Memorial Hospital
Client: Cives Steel Company
Contractor: Power/Jacobs Joint Venture


Project Details

Utilizing two Potain 605 tower cranes, Danny’s Construction Company erected approximately 9,000 tons of structural steel ahead of schedule despite the difficult project logistics which existed in this downtown metropolitan project.

Rush University Medical Center

Location: Chicago, IL
Client: Cives Steel Company
Contractor: Power/Jacobs Joint Venture


Project Details

Danny’s Construction Company completed a 14 story, 806,000 square foot hospital addition to Rush University Medical Center located in downtown Chicago. The upper five-story tower of the addition is uniquely shaped in a butterfly form with cantilevered perimeters and radius corners. Danny’s Construction Company erected 8,000 tons of structural steel.

Mercy Medical Center

Location: Williston, ND
Owner: Mercy Medical Center
Client: Midwest Steel Works, Inc
Contractor: J.E. Dunn


Project Details

The Mercy Medical Center Birthing Center Addition in Williston, ND consisted of structural and miscellaneous steel added to an existing hospital. The Danny’s Construction Company crew completed the structural erection ahead of schedule despite difficulties with shortages in available manpower and logistics. We were able to mobilize crews and equipment within one week of being notified of the project start date to maintain the original project schedule.

300 North LaSalle

Location: Chicago, IL
Owner: Hines Development
Client: Cives Steel Company
Contractor: Clark Construction Group


Project Details

The 300 North LaSalle Building is one of the 15 tallest buildings in Chicago. The structure is 60 stories with over 1.3 million square feet of office space. The project boasted a proud 9,300 tons of structural steel and numerous innovative sustainable design initiatives.

United States Courthouse

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Owner: U.S. General Services Administration
Client: American Structural Metals
Contractor: Ryan Companies US, Inc.


Project Details

Danny’s Construction Company performed the structural and miscellaneous steel erection for the new United States Courthouse. The 2,600 tons of structural steel was erected using two tower cranes. The congested downtown site posed its challenges, and because of the building’s radius and glass front, strict tolerances were critical to the layout and erection of the structure.

Other construction challenges on this project included: placing free standing pipe columns of 103 ft. before tying them in at the eighth floor; over 600 CJP moment welds; and a 12-foot cantilevered walkway requiring engineered temporary supports for the 77-foot-long, 30,000-pound walkway beams spanning the structure’s atrium.

New Franciscan Health Michigan City Hospital

Location: Michigan City, IN
Owner: Franciscan Alliance
Contractor: Tonn and Blank Construction


Project Details

The new Franciscan Health Michigan City Hospital is a $232 million dollar, 444,000 square foot facility designed to replace the century old hospital located downtown Michigan City. It is located on a 70 acre site at the intersection of interstate 94 and US 421. The new structure consists of a 7 story Patient Tower, 7 story Medical Office Building (MOB) and a two story main core. In total, Danny’s Construction Company erected 3000+ tons of structural steel and metal deck.