We are committed to empowering our employees to be leaders, to be creative, to work safely and to be stewards of quality. A culture of integrity instills trust amongst all our employees, regardless of their tenure and role. Employees, at all levels, are expected to suggest improvements and speak up with concerns regarding safety, quality and ethical behavior.

Integrity means standing tall and adhering to one’s principles, every day.

We are committed to giving our full attention to every step of every project. It all starts with our strategic pre-planning to manage logistics, safety, and develop innovative techniques to overcome the most challenging obstacles.  Our process allows us to anticipate, evaluate and prevent potential problems before they happen.

Excellence means being proactive and going above and beyond on every task. It means adding value, not taking shortcuts.

We are committed to providing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, dedicated not only to customer satisfaction, but to Each Other. We are built strong by who we are. Trusting and respecting one another ensures that our company will continue to stand strong. We are committed to the development of our greatest asset: the current and future workforce.


We are committed to maintaining our competitive position in the industry by striving to continuously improve our performance.  This improvement is best accomplished by performing our activities more efficiently and by pursuing means and methods that eliminate waste in time expended, labor provided, or materials necessary for the work.  Each employee is accountable to themselves, to their immediate supervisor, and ultimately to all Danny’s Construction employees for diligence in performing quality work.


We are committed to providing each employee the knowledge and equipment necessary to perform their tasks in a safe manner.  Employees take the time to acquire the appropriate tools, ask questions or request additional training.  Employees are responsible for ensuring their actions do not compromise the safety or the health of others.  Continuous evaluation of safety measures and team input ensure the proper engineered systems are in place to allow the work to be accessed and performed safely and efficiently.  It is our intent to establish long-term employee relationships and to send each person home safely at the end of each work day.